Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A summer recap

With summer pretty much over, I thought I'd update you all on what's been happening lately!

What? Who is this guy?

First of all, hello! I'm Nikolay with newly wrangled blogging privileges, ready to be abused! I first started training parkour back in 2005 and by trade, I am a software engineer. I've joined this happy family in May '13 following a bit of a hiatus from parkour, which I allowed to last far longer than it should have.

As Oxford is a University town, a large portion of its population tend to live here only during term time and return home during the holidays. Thus, many of our regular traceurs have not been around lately, meaning that numbers have been down.

What's been happening?

What, you mean other than FreeMove visiting Oxford, the new committee being voted in, The Pump House Project setting up shop down the road in Faringdon and the humbling experience that was Rendezvous 2013?

Lots of training, that's what! I've carried on training over the summer, what with the glorious weather we have been having. Apparently it's not gone unnoticed either as we have had quite a number of people join us for our training sessions, some with previous parkour experience, others completely new to the discipline and it's been amazing training with each and every one of you and watching you guys develop!

On the subject of training sessions, during the holidays we switched over to a much more free-form, collaborative format of training. As such, until the start of term in October, all sessions have been organised on a drop-in drop-out basis, and as such have been completely free.

I've added structure to sessions where it seemed appropriate and/or useful to, but for the most part it's been a case of getting traceurs together in one place and sharing experiences. Learning together the old fashioned way, in short!

Anyone wanting to get involved, jump in on Facebook!

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