Sunday, 13 October 2013

Parkour Begins!

Training at one of our regular spots, Saint Giles

2013's Term time is finally upon us!

This week we have had a very successful 3 days at the University Freshers Fair. If we met you over there, then here's a big "Hello!" and a warm welcome to our little community! We have manage to coerce enthuse over 200 of you guys to take a peek at what we get up to, so without further ado - here is a message from Olly with regards to our plan for Week 1 of the 2013 term!

Hi - and welcome to the most funnest and cooliest club in Oxford! 
It was great to meet all you guys at the Freshers' Fair last week. Seriously pleased that so many of you are ready to give Parkour a go for the first time - I know you're going to love it! 
Here, as promised, is the timetable for next week. Normally this info would only be on our FB page ( - do join us right now!) but we'd like to keep things really easy this week.
  • Tuesday 15th October: 4pmSt Giles Monument with Olly (me)
  • Thursday 17th October: 6pm, St Giles with Nikolay
  • Saturday 19th October: 11am, St Giles with Josh (VP)

These first sessions at St Giles (click for a google map of where it is located) are going to be focused on beginners. The hope is that more experienced practitioners will be on hand to assist the official coach and offer any additional tips. All sessions are free to everyone in the whole club next week. Also, all first-timers are free whenever they make their first appearance,whichever week that might be.
We can, by the way, introduce you to the sport at any time (even in week 7) so don't feel you've missed the boat if your all-consuming new interest in yodelling means you don't have time to meet us this first week. You can come to one, none or all of the sessions, no probs. 
There is no joining fee or special equipment needed to Join OXPK; just good trainers (flexible and grippy) and weather-appropriate clothing. From week two onwards though there will be a small charge (a few shekles) per session which will cover various costs that the club must bear, so make the most of week one to save your pennies! 
The times and places will certainly vary a bit each week, (Hopefully that will mean that there's always one or more timings that suit you.) Come and join our FB page and you'll always know what's happening. Even the above info is subject to change! 
We're looking forward to welcoming all you new members to the club, so please scribble your first parkour meet in your diary now! 

Olly ~ OXPK President

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