Saturday 27 October 2012

Getting into a rhythm

After the setbacks in second week I've been really pleased with this week's sessions - hopefully those who came enjoyed them too! It feels like there's now a group of regulars coming along who will hopefully keep coming (which is exactly what a group like this needs!). With around five people coming each time it's a good number because there isn't much waiting for other people to have their turn, it gives focused coaching, and also means I can join in sometimes. There's definitely still space for new people to come along and each of the sessions this week has been somebody's first.

Today's session was a bit more tiring than previous ones and included a route of a few different parkour moves joined up, the idea of this being to get used to doing the techniques naturally as part of a bigger movement as well as to work you physically. Despite everybody being tired and using the rest stop more than I had hoped it seemed to be the best part of the session! I'm going to mix up sessions a bit more from now on - there will be some at Hinksey, some around the St Giles cemetery, and some around central Oxford, so keep an eye on the facebook group to find out where they are.

Sessions will continue to be 1520-1700 on a Wednesday and 1050-1230 on a Saturday - hopefully everyone who wants to can make at least one of these!

Saturday 13 October 2012

We had our first session today - I was impressed by the turnout of 6 people given that I've done no publicity yet, so it was only people who had been involved last term who knew about it.

Next sessions are on Wednesday at 1520 and Saturday at 1050, both meeting at the Christchurch meadow entrance on St Aldates - let me know on the facebook group if you're coming. They're both free still =)