Monday 9 September 2013

New Committee!

As you may or may not know, Alex's studies are taking him to Germany for a year.

Argh! PANIC!

Alex has pretty much single handedly created the current incarnation of the Oxford Parkour community and done a damn fine job of it, going above and far beyond the call of duty! It's probably thanks to his work that many people are training in Oxford today!

It would be a crime to allow all this work to be undone, but also a tall order to do as much as he was able to. Luckily, our new committee now 3 whole times bigger than it once was! At the start of June, public voting was held in order to pick the new committee, so I proudly introduce to you the Triforce that will now be carrying the torch!

President: Oliver Selway
Oliver is a true generalist. He has experience in a huge range of sports, martial arts and other activities. He is also a certified instructor in Parkour's broader cousin, MovNat and a professional trainer at his company, Woodland Workouts. In addition to this, he has written the book "Instinctive Fitness", which outlines a very 'hunter-gatherer' approach to both diet, and exercise. Oliver has a fresh take on parkour and has a deep knowledge of bio mechanics, dietary impacts and fitness in general.
Vice President: Josh Peaker
Josh has been one of the most active traceurs during the last academic year and his passion and energy for movement has always been a great boost to everyone's motivation! He is also a Salsa Dancer and a 3rd year student of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Oxford.

Treasurer: Jonathan Han
Having spent his childhood running around woods, pretending to be a ninja (haven't we all!), Jonathan joined Oxford Parkour from it's very inception and has been diligently training ever since! In addition to parkour, he enjoys weightlifting and is looking at getting back into swimming and martial arts. Out in the real world, he is currently a 3rd Year Medical Student at Pembroke College.